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Ashley sees clients in office and via telehealth as needed. Are you experiencing power struggles with your teen, your toddler, or struggling to calm down tantrums? Please reach out and start your journey toward restructuring the balance of power in your home. Ashley works with young children, teenagers, and their families using behavioral therapy, play-based techniques, and Dialectical Behavior Therapy.

Ashley is in network with: 

           Nebraska Medicaid       


           Blue Cross Blue Shield         

           United Health Care/UMR         

           Midlands Choice           



About Ashley

Ashley is a licensed mental health practitioner who obtained her master's degree in Clinical Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology in 2008. She has spent her career working with young children, families and teens in crisis, using extensive solution focused behavioral therapy techniques. 

Ashley focuses on understanding the root of behavioral concerns for each individual and then  partnering with families and guardians in developing realistic plans with useful techniques in the home, at daycares and with schools.  She also enjoys working with children one on one, helping them learn about emotions and developing better ways to communicate and express their feelings and needs. Ashley centers on concerns pertaining to aggression, anger, defiance, impulsivity and ADHD.  If a toddler has thrown it, she has probably dodged it!

Ashley has also enjoyed expanding her focus with efforts on guiding adolescent clients with the use of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT.)  She believes teens can better understand and manage overwhelming emotions and urges with a combination of mindfulness techniques, emotional regulation skills, distress tolerance strategies and interpersonal effectiveness methods. Ashley has used DBT in individual therapy and via groups. She is poised to help Lifespan Counseling build itself into a consistent and reliable resource for DBT groups.

 From Ashley: 

"I believe therapy is a journey you choose to take when no one else seems to understand. I am here to provide the support you are needing, the understanding you are seeking and the acceptance you are missing. Whether you're a parent who is feeling lost, or a child struggling to navigate changes and stressors in this uncertain world. - I am here for you." 

Let's Work Together


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