Child and Family Counseling

Parenting can be a tough journey, and family relationships can feel complicated sometimes.

We are here to help.

Lifespan has support for all ages. 

Behavioral Counseling
Parenting Support

Outpatient counseling for children and families

Whether you are in need of support for parenting a pre schooler with behavioral challenges, or need help with your teenager's sudden attitude shifts - Lifespan has a counselor available and trained to help with that. 

With an approach rooted in cognitive and behavioral therapy and play based techniques, counseling services for our youngest clients is a collaborative effort between parents and our Child and Family Specialists: Ashley, Jesse, and Kaitlyn are here to help. 

Teens can work on an individual basis with many of our therapists, choosing in -office therapy or convenient video sessions via telehealth. For extra support, they can check out our Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) groups, and all of our therapists receive extra training in individual application of DBT for clients. Lauren, Kaitlyn, and Kristi,  are all trained to work with teens and up.

Our staff nurse practitioner works with all ages, and can provide new or ongoing support for any medication choices that support your child or teen staying well.